Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Her: Favourite song.
Him: "Videotape", by Radiohead.
Her: Undisputably?
Him: Undisputably. 

Her: Most overrated of all human qualities.
Him: Intelligence.
Her: Most despicable?
Him: Hubris. 

Her: The most beautiful three-worded phrase in the English language. 
Him: Take me away.  

Her: Somewhere you'd love to live. Sometime.
Him: Way too many wheres, too many whens to name one. 
Her: I thought we had agreed that those sort of responses were "irresponsible". Verbalise the moment's desires please.
Him: Venezia. Early sixteenth century. Dorsoduro. In the depths of winter, preferably. 

Her: Motto in life. 
Him: Life doesn't fascinate you unless it is fascinated by you. 

Her: Death.
Him: That singular moment we spend our life in preparation for. If not for it, how would you précis a lifetime's worth of reality? 

Her: Favourite Quote.
Him: "Like everybody who is not in love, he thought one chose the person to be loved after endless deliberations and on the basis of particular qualities or advantages." - Marcel Proust 

Her: Three people you'd wish to spend an evening with.
Him: I want five.
Her: How about four?
Him: Bargaining, seriously? You sound like Charon.
Her: And you're Aeneas? Cough up the two extra obols, mister.
Him: How about two more questions than initially agreed?
Her: Now, that's good business. A quintet it is then.
Him: Sergei Diaghilev, Anna Akhmatova, Carlos Kleiber, Christopher Hitchens, Caravaggio.

Her: Greatest love story ever told.
Him: Lolita. 

Her: One thing you can't live without.
Him: Nothing in life is indispensable. 

Her: Moving to an island. One book, only one. For the rest of life.
Him: You don't have to sound so pleased about the whole idea, you know.
Her: Of course. What else do you think is the point of doing all this.
Him: Philip Larkin's Collected poems.

Her: One trait that would instantly, unconditionally, endear any girl to you. Like being a ballerina. Or being Armenian. Or having size 7 feet. 
Him: A love of reading Pynchon. With that, believe me, she'd have me by the neck. 

Her: Your greatest inadequacy. 
Him: Not being as well-read as I'd have liked to be. 

Her: One abstraction that you're obsessed with.
Him: Distances. In time, in space. Between people, between nations, between ideas.
Her: Care to elaborate?
Him: That will count towards another question.
Her: I should've known. No thanks, cheapskate. 

Her: The hardest thing about being in love?
Him: Being selfish.


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